bespoke wooden windows


If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of high-quality windows – you have come to the right place! With a proven team of our experienced workers, using cutting-edge technology and high-quality semi-finished products that are environmentally friendly, our windows in a short time became popular in the demanding Western markets. Transparent company structure enable rapid communication with the client, and the time from establishing a contact to starting production is reduced to a minimum. We also have our own transport, which significantly speeds up the delivery. As a result, the number of our satisfied customers is increasing steadily. We are looking forward to working for you!


Nowadays, with the wide range of market offering, misunderstandings is not something we can afford. That is why accuracy and professionalism is our motto. All technical issues are discussed on a prepared sample. Thanks to this the client, entrusting us with their order, are certain that by the specified deadline they will get the product quality they had selected. Fast communication, our own transport and timely project completion make our products increasingly popular, despite the strong competition in the market.

bespoke wooden windows


We use the highest quality materials in our production. Many years in industry resulted in a reliable supplier base. We keep track of the news on the market and constantly consult our suppliers to be able to respond quickly to changing market needs. In our production process we use both our local wood (oak, pine) and exotic wood varieties (meranti). We use fittings and glazing by renowned companies such as BRIO, ROTO, IPA. With the care for our environment we use ecological materials thus meeting the stringent standards required in Western markets.


Our windows are manufactured from the highest quality window square timber. The square timber is made of select pine, oak and meranti wood. During the manufacturing process the window timber undergoes an advanced technological process. The wood is processed into friezes, which are joined lengthwise, followed by planning and gluing to the dimensions selected by the customer. The whole process is supervised by a strict quality control, so that our window timbers are well prepared for further processing.


type of wood: pine / oak / meranti

type of scantlings: finger joined or solid

humidity: 13% +/- 2%

adhesive type: DIN EN 204 D4

quality: grade I