Are Double Glazed Timber Windows Vulnerable to Attack by Burglars?

As windows are one of the main access points to your property, it’s important that they are as secure as possible. As a result, security should be one of the most important factors you must consider when investing in new windows. Choosing the wrong type of windows could, in theory, leave you and your family, or your possessions at risk from attacks by burglars or intruders.

That leads us to the question posed in the heading of this post. Are double glazed timber windows vulnerable to attack from burglars? Well, in short, the answer is no, unless you have the older styles of timber windows without modern integrated security features.

Let’s dig a little deeper to help you understand why this is the case.

Double Glazing Timber Windows and Beading

In the past, timber windows were designed with special beading on the exterior of the fixing to help hold the glass in place. This would create points of vulnerability in the windows that would make them easier for burglars to remove them. That was giving them access to your home and all your possessions. Some windows from a few decades ago with this beading were particularly vulnerable. The burglar could simply strip out this beading from all around the edges and pop out the pane.

Modern windows have everything neatly tucked away which has removed these vulnerabilities so easy access can’t be gained.

So, Timber Windows Are Vulnerable?

In short, no. As noted above, it was only in the past that external beading was used to hold the glass in place. Due to the security risk, this posed, modern double and even triple glazing is not made in the same way. So, what’s different from modern products?

Modern double-glazed windows still feature beading to hold the glass in place, but it is now added internally. Thus, making it virtually impossible for any burglar to remove the pane of glass from the window frame. In addition to this, modern double glazing is extremely strong.  In fact most glass can withstand a brick or stone thrown at them. To actually smash the window, a burglar would have to make a loud noise which is likely to draw attention to their activities.

If you’re not sure whether you currently have old-style or newer and safer double glazing, you could look closely at the glass and how it is held in its place. Beading is normally a strip of aluminum, plastic or timber. Depending on the style of windows, that is applied during installation to the edge of the window-pane. If this is on the inside, then your windows are internally beaded. Whereas if it’s on the outside, your windows are beaded externally, and it would be sensible to look for replacements as soon as you possibly can.

Meeting Modern Security Standards

The good news is though if you’ve had windows installed recently or are planning on having the double glazing installed soon. They are unlikely to suffer from the same security issues outlined above. Not only is internal beading used as standard, but there are also other security standards that window companies need to meet when designing and constructing their products.

Appropriate Locks and Security Hardware

Aside from the beading. There are other aspects of double-glazed windows that factor into whether or not they are secure and safe enough. Firstly, modern double-glazed windows should be fitted with appropriate locks. The common choice by many companies is for multipoint locks incorporating shoot bolts, along with push-button key-locking mechanisms on the handles.

These additional measures provide another layer of protection against would-be thieves and intruders.

Badly Maintained Windows Are Security Risks

Badly maintained windows obviously increase the risk your property has of being burgled. It goes without saying that it’s imperative you take the appropriate care of your double-glazed windows, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When windows aren’t maintained adequately, they can be more prone to damage and more susceptible to forced entry.

If you have modern double-glazed windows that have been installed in recent years, you really have no need to worry about break-ins. Are you’re in the market for new windows for your property and are considering double glazing?. Consider us to ensure you get the necessary internal beading and other safety features used in the construction and installation.

If you are concerned about the security of your windows, you can contact us. We will be able to offer you advice and help you out where appropriate.