rotten sash
Georgian or Victorian sash windows are a period feature that can add style and charm to older properties.

I say ‘can‘, because quite often when you move into either a Georgian or Victorian property, the condition of the windows might be the first thing you want to attend to.

Perhaps you look at your sash windows with fondness but a sense of realization – you love them but they look so bad it seems

windows installation
The windows in your property don’t just have a big impact on the look of your home, they also play a major part in its insulation and energy efficiency. While in years gone by, pushy double glazing salesmen were a common cliche, now the options for upgrading your windows and getting them installed are much more accessible. Before you get started on changing your windows, you’ll want to know more about the costs involved,

wood windows maintenance

How to paint or seal wood window frames

Before moving on to the process involved in sealing or painting wooden window frames, you need to identify whether or not the wood has been previously treated. It will be fairly obvious if the frames were painted or varnished and the frame should be sanded and cleaned before painting. However, an oil finish can be hard to detect, while sealer degrades over time. Before you

Condensation occurs when warm air collides with cold surfaces. Or, when there’s too much humidity in your home and creates water, which collects as droplets on a cold surface. This is especially common in winter, when your central heating system comes on in the cooler hours of the mornings and evenings. When warm, moist air comes into contact with either a surface or air that is colder than it is, the warm air is


How to buy windows online

1. Find your style

Browse our categories and styles to find the windows that suits your requirements. We manufacture over 50 styles of wooden windows.

2. Use the form

Use the measurement form to calculate the price of your windows. Once the checkout complete the proforma invoice will be emailed to you.
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