wooden windows market trendsWestern European Window Market: Clear Upward Trend

The mixing machines are hot again in Europe and thus are also boosting the window market. The window market in Western Europe increased its sales by 2.9% to 59.8 million window units sold due to the increase in new construction activity last year. By 2020, a moderate increase (+ 3.2% per year, + 4.2% in value per year)

Today we will compare and contrast the two leading types of replacement windows, wood windows and PVC-u windows, to help you decide which window material is perfect for you and your home. Any type of replacement windows will make a dramatic difference in your home.

Whether it is improving energy efficiency, updating the décor, or adding value to your home, getting old windows replaced has many benefits. However, it is vitally important that you identify


UK Timber Window Market

The UK timber windows market is experiencing significant growth, which is set to continue until at least 2019. This is according to the latest research by Palmer Market Research. It shows that the market grew by 17.1% to 739,000 frames and by 25.4% to £439m in installed value. Mostly with the premium window materials (wood, aluminum, and aluminum/timber). “Overall, the wood window market in housing is forecast