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Choosing the right timber windows

How to choose the right timber windows?. –

Despite mass market competition, the performance, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal of modern timber windows, have retained their popularity with homeowners seeking a high end, classic finish. Wooden window frames have a lasting quality that continue to inspire new generations.

Choosing the right style

Windows can make or break a successful construction or refurbishment project, particularly in older or period homes. There are a variety of timbers and finishes available on the market to help you achieve a look that you desire.

Whether you are creating your own modern classic, refurbishing a Victorian villa or breathing new life into a cosy country cottage. The right timber windows offer you an enviable choice of opening and glazing options that will complement your home providing all the benefits you would expect from a new installation.

Naturally the best

Our hardwood double glazed windows are available in standard and bespoke sizes to fit your exacting requirements. We also offer a range of timbers and security details that are approved by the Secured by Design scheme to ensure your home looks stunning and operates efficiently.

As a timber window manufacturer, we understand that to meet the highest market demands our timber windows have to be available with a choice of glazing options, such as energy saving and acoustic glass.

Our bespoke wooden windows are manufactured in modern equipped factory from wood sourced from certified forests. This is our guarantee that all our custom-made timber windows are highest standard that can last for generations.

The quality of wood windows

It is a common misconception that timber windows are high maintenance, but thanks to advances in manufacturing, this is no longer the case.

Our wooden window frames are treated to protect against rot and fungal decay, in fact, we’re so confident they’ll stand the test of time that we guarantee our frames for 40 years.

Our windows are painted in four stages: wood preservation – staining – interlayer top – final coat.

Everyone is looking for low maintenance windows with industry leading warranties, but if you also want a luxury product that will offer enduring style and performance, your decision is made. With the proper care, timber windows are an investment that will last a lifetime.