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Custom made windows

custom made windows

We love helping people breathe new life into old properties as much as as we do helping people on new builds.

The timber windows and doors often play a key part of that transformation process. The fact that all of the our products are made to measure really helps that process, because every aspect the product is created with the customer and the property in mind.

Take the colour of the door for example. One of clients was so taken with the colour of her nail varnish that she wanted her new front door in the same colour. No problem, we are able to match the door or window colours to your requirements (we have included the before and after shots). And if you can’t make your mind up – go for a dual colour option – one colour on the inside, a different colour on the outside.

It is that level of choice and quality that we feel sets hardwood windows and doors apart and it’s all about quality.

The type of wood together with the internal glazing system and method used to manufacture our wood products, ensure they look great whilst being extremely durable and able to cope with the ever changing weather conditions here in the UK.

We have revitalised wood from the core material – a high quality 3 layered, knott-free engineered timber that will not twist or warp. This, combined this with high performance, impermeable glazing systems and the use of micro-porous paint finishes that allow the timber to breath and self regulate its moisture content, therefore reducing the possibility of rot, reflect the level of detail.

Once you add your choice of hardware from our range, all of these elements come together to create a product, that is truly made to measure. What’s more, it’s delivered to site fully finished ready to fit and for you to enjoy.

The difference between mass-produced and made to measure, will have a significant and direct impact on the quality of the finished article. Simply opting for a non-engineered wood, which is delivered to your site primed or unfinished means you will need to finish it. The result could mean products that warp and twist relatively quickly and that age much faster because they are not manufactured and fully finished in a factory controlled environment.

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