Our new windows fully compliant with building regulations?

Our complete new windows and doors comply with Document L Building Regulations. New sashes, casements or doors fitted into their existing frames do not have to comply. This type of work is classed as refurbishment and does affect the structure of a building. However, we do not recommend fitting new windows or doors into old frames. Listed buildings and some properties in conservation areas are exempt from Document L. Your local authority planning department will be able to advise.

Do the windows come decorated?

Yes, all windows come fully spray painted from our spray room. Our standard color is a RAL 9016 semi-matt white however we can color match nearly all RAL colors as requested.

Do you cover my area?

We are a national online seller however we providing installations mainly in the London area. But don’t worry, we have a large network of our subcontractors who can fit the windows for you. If you would like to find if we cover your area please feel free to make an inquiry.

Can you match the style of my existing windows?

Yes, we can match nearly all existing styles of windows giving you a traditional look that compliments the features of your house, whilst providing you with the comfort and warmth of new double glazed windows.

Do you work with stained glass?

Yes. We have completed a number of projects by removing the existing stained glass and fixing it onto a new double glazed unit. This has been a great option for a number of clients who were looking to upgrade there existing windows but wanted to keep the original look.

What is the lead time?

This varies from 4-10 weeks dependent on requirements and how busy we are, however, we try to process all orders in under 8 weeks.

I live in a conservation area, do I need planning permission to change my windows?

Unfortunately, this is borough specific, and therefore you will need to contact your local authority to find out.

My building is listed, can I upgrade to double glazing?

All proposed works to windows and doors that alter the fabric of a listed building must have listed building and planning permission granted by your local authority. It is unlikely that approval will be granted for double glazing to be fitted to listed buildings, although such permission has been granted in the past to some Grade II buildings.

What locks do you use on the windows?

We have a choice of 3 different locks that can be used on the windows. Please ask to see our “window preferences sheet,” to see the different options that we provide.

What seals do you use?

We use a mixture of aquatic foam seals to provide a seal with the external side of the sash, and brushes for all internal connections. This gives us a compact, weatherproof seal whilst not compromising the movement of the sashes.

What glass options do I have?

We can provide different thicknesses of glass dependent on requirements. We generally provide a 14mm pane of glass, consisting of a 4mm outer pane, a 16mm spacer and a 4mm inner pane of glass, this means that we can generally match in reasonably closely with the existing thickness of your frames whilst providing you with the comfort of a double glazed sash window. Please note that we can also provide toughened glass, triple glass and an acoustic glass of varying thickness.

What types of Guarantees do you offer?

We provide a 10-year guarantee which is bank-backed. To find out more information on this please contact a staff member.

Is my payment guaranteed?

Yes, all payments are guaranteed through, “The consumer protection association.” For more information please contact us.

Do you need to use scaffolding?

In most instances scaffolding is not required, however some specific windows will need scaffolding, this is generally when they are located on the second floor or higher and when the internal floor level is not directly below the window, such as a stairwell.

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes, all estimates are free and instant-on our website. However, we need professional measurement before the manufacturing process. If you make an inquiry a member of our team will contact you and book at a convenient time for a site visit.

How long will a site visit take?

This is dependent on the number of windows you are looking to have worked carried out on, but in general, the survey will take between 30minutes to an hour.

Do you remove the old windows?

Yes, all the old windows are taken away meaning you don’t have to worry about getting a skip or going to the local dump.

What about security whilst fitting?

Whilst fitting we will never leave an opening unattended between taking the old window out and fitting of the new window so your home will always be safe. Please note that in the unusual instance that a window will not be in place overnight there will always be ply drilled into the wall to keep maintain security.

What maintenance should I provide for my new windows?

You should check your windows every 6 months for any changes, preferably before and after winter. We generally recommend that you redecorate every 5-7 years in order to keep and protective layer between your timber and any weathering.

Do you use hard or softwood?

We can use either. The hardwood is a little more expensive but we strongly recommend this as the duration of hardwood is much longer.

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