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Metal windows trend in 2020

metal windows

Metal windows have been used for centuries, way back in Tudor times in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The Georgian period saw timber take over as the most popular option and this carried on through the Victorian and Edwardian times. In the 1920s and 30s, steel windows took centre stage once again, most notably through the Art Deco period with a very distinct dual bar design.

Traditional steel windows are still around today. A combination of their strength, very slim profiles and often intricate designs can mean they add character and charm to a property. However, you may be looking to replace your steel windows for something more modern. You’ll want the design to remain sympathetic to your home but you’d also like the benefits that come with today’s demands on thermal performance and security.

Steel windows can be fitted directly into brickwork or stone mullions but over time these would rust into place. Replacing these is not an easy job. Angle grinders are needed to get the steel windows out and if they are to be replaced with a more modern window, the new frame is likely to be wider meaning the internal plaster lines need to be cut back. When the metal windows are fitted into hardwood timber frames this makes replacement much simpler. The timber is easier to remove; the proportion of the timber frame is also more closely linked to the modern replacement meaningless work on the surrounding area.

Crittal® Windows is the biggest manufacturer of replica steel windows today however, they don’t come cheap. Luckily we have plenty of alternatives. One of the best is Italian Secco Sistemi. These have been specifically designed to replace traditional steel windows – and at a fraction of the cost. With Secco Sistemi, you do not lose any of the character or authenticity that steel windows offer, but you gain from modern security and thermal efficiency.

Bespoke Metal Windows are used in new build and refurbishment projects. They are designed more for traditional properties but can also provide an ultra slim-line option for a contemporary look. They are suitable for listed buildings and homes in conservation areas. They are also one of the slimmest profiles of all the window styles available. A frameless appearance is a much sought after look for those who desire a modern, clean look. Steel windows can be fitted directly into brickwork, hardwood frames or stone mullions and can be slimmer than a frameless, butt-jointed silicon-sealed glass to glass joint!

Our metal windows are polyester powder coated to ensure they remain rust free and will not need to be painted for twenty years plus. Frames are available in any RAL colour and you can choose a different colour for the outside frame and the inside frame to compliment your décor.

Metal windows are available in any size and with various hinged opening configurations. There’s also a choice of ironmongery to complete the traditional look of the window, or you may wish to add a more modern window handle.

Let’s not forget about the glazing either. It’s possible to retain an existing leaded or Georgian design and double glazing will often replace single glazing meaning your heating bills will be lower.

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