Fabrimast Ltd, 1a1 Gauson House, Markfield Road, N15 4QQ – Company Reg number

Terms and conditions of sale

1. Definitions & Interpretations
I. Under these conditions:
II. “Buyer” means any individual, company or other legal entity or undertaking who aggress to purchase the goods from Bespoke Wooden Windows* which is a trading name of Fabrimast Ltd. -Office: Unit 1a1 Gaunson House, Markfield Road, Tottenham, London N15 4QQ
III. “Seller” means Fabrimast Ltd.
IV. “Goods” means the window & door products which the Seller is to supply in accordance with these terms & conditions.
V. “Contract” means the quotation provided being read in conjunction with and incorporating these terms & conditions.
VI. “Terms & Conditions” means the standard terms and conditions of sale set out in this document and (unless the context otherwise requires) includes any special terms and conditions agreed in writing form between Buyer and Seller.
VII. “Writing” means e-mail transmission or post. We do not accept fax communications.
VIII. “Working days” means every day except Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays in the jurisdiction where the seller is resident.
2. General
I. These Conditions shall be referred to as the “Terms & Conditions of Fabrimast Ltd”.
II. No variation of these T&C’s shall be binding unless agreed in writing between the authorized representatives of buyer and seller.
III. The buyer declares that have read and understood the terms & conditions and accept their content.
V. All quotes have a ‘valid for’ date which, upon re-quotation, could attract an increasing in cost if the ‘valid for’ date has expired.
VI. All frame dimensions are actual unless previously specified.
3. Quotations & Acceptance
I. All Fabrimast Ltd quotations are based on information received from the buyer.
II. Any details, specifications, quantities, drawings, or other information received or offered are used as a guide to provide a quotation
for the buyer’s project at their request therefore, assumptions are made.
III. By accepting and signing the offer you, the buyer, confirm that you have read the contents of the quotation and accept it as an accurate reflection of your requirements.
IV. The seller shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential losses of any kind due to delayed of failed deliveries of the goods, nor is the buyer entitled to terminate or rescind this contract until such occurrence exceeds 3 months.
V. The order must be “confirmed”, “acknowledged” and “signed” before the expiry date to qualify for the price quoted. Any expired quotation may receive an increase in cost upon a version update or extended expiry date.
VI. It is a “Buyer” responsibility to check the specification of every product on the quote before sign in.
VI. All the quotes made by Fabrimast Ltd are valid for 4 weeks from the date that the quote has been sent to the customer.
4. Prices & Payments
I. The price of the goods shall be as agreed in writing between Seller and Buyer at the time or order.
II. All prices are agreed prior to placing order on the day that the agreement is signed, and a 50% deposit of the total goods is issued.
III. The balance of 50% of the total goods cost figure will be due and must be paid in full prior to delivery of the goods. The final Fitting payment shall be made after completion of the work.
IV. Failure to complete the payment in full after 28 days past the final balance payment due date will result in the buyer forfeiting any claim or ownership in relation of the whole order of goods. Seller reserves the rights to collect or remove the product after 28 days from the fitting completion day.
V. Any delay in outstanding payments will affect the release into manufacture and the subsequent lead time of the delivery.
VI. The buyer will not be entitled to withhold or offset payments of any amount to the seller under the terms of this contract, irrespective of any claims made by the buyer for faulty or defective goods or for any other claim which is contested by the seller and the buyer will settle accounts in full on the due date if a warranty claim is unresolved.
5. Amendments
I. Any amendment to the signed order acknowledgment within 48 hrs is permitted with no charge.
II. Amendments or cancellations after 48 hrs will incur a charge. The charge amount depending on product amendment.
V. All amendment requests must be forwarded by email to Sales Advisor or to info@bespokewoodenwindows.co.uk
VI. All amendments or cancellations details are required and confirmed in writing before adjustment of confirmed order can be made.
6. Deliveries
I. The cost of deliveries to site is not included in the cost unless otherwise stated and does not include optional extras such as forklift offload, weekend drops, and special transport.
II. Deliveries are based on a single delivery to an individual specified site address.
III. The Goods shall be dispatched in undamaged condition and shall be packed to provide adequate protection for transportation.
IV. We will agree a delivery date on a working weekday of your choice. Weekend deliveries can be arranged at an extra cost.
V. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide means of manual offloading.
VI. It is the responsibility of the customer to advise if the specified site is or has limited restrictive or poor access to accept either an articulated or ridged truck.
VII. Returned, failed, non-attendance, or aborted deliveries will be charged at a full rate. Re-delivery cost can be obtained on request, or the buyer can collect from our holding area by arrangement. Storage charges will apply until the goods are shipped or collected.
7. Returns
I. Due to nature of the made to measure products there is no possibility of return ordered items.
II. Any products manufactured by Fabrimast Ltd which is different than the specification in the quote will be repaired or replaced.
8. Fitting
I. Customer is obligated to arrange the parking space or parking permits for up to 3 vehicles of fitting staff for every day of planned fitting days.
II. Customer is obligated to pay the fitting price no later than 5 days after the work is completed. Any delays after this period will be charged extra at 5% of the fitting price per every week of delay in payment. FENSA Certificate upon request from customer – £150.00/1-10 windows, £225.00 if more than 10 windows replaced. Invoice for a fitting will be issued by the Fitters responsible for the fitting.
9. Goods
I. All Fabrimast Ltd products should be stored with care, in a clean and dry environment.
II. Differences in pigment, colour, or variations in stain or minor natural irregularities do not constitute grounds for complaint.
III. Where stains or lacquers are applied to the finish, there is an acceptable discoloration and variance in colour due to the substrate and diversity of structure and material.
IV. On various finishes, particularly stains where comb or finger jointed engineered timber have been used in manufacture, the joints may be visible.
10. Claims
I. Quality and quantity of goods should be inspected at the time of unloading before signing delivery note. Claims after delivery note is signed due to failure to perform check upon delivery will not be covered under warranty.
II. Any issue should be photographed immediately where possible before further movement, progression, or installation.
III. Any complaints will be considered where possible within 7 days from the day of acknowledgement of claim received in writing.
IV. All Fabrimast Ltd products are covered under the Fabrimast Ltd warranty agreement.
V. All warranties and claim will be deemed void if the installation is proved to be incorrect. Non fault site visits are chargeable.
11. Force Majeure
I. Seller shall not be liable to Buyer or deemed to be in breach of the Contract by reason of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, any of Seller’s obligations in relation to the Goods, if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond Seller’s reasonable control. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the following shall be regarded as causes beyond Seller’s reasonable control:
(a) Act of God, explosion, flood, tempest, fire or accident;
(b) War or threat of war, sabotage, insurrection, civil disturbance or requisition;
(c) Acts, restrictions, regulations, bye-laws, prohibitions or measures of any kind on the part of any governmental, parliamentary or local authority;
(d) Import or export regulations, embargoes, port blockages, closures, or otherwise preventing access passing.
(e) Strikes, lock-outs or industrial actions or disputes (whether involving employees of Seller or of a third party):
(f) Difficulties in obtaining raw materials, labour, fuel, parts or machinery;
(g) Power failure or breakdown in machinery (other than through misuse).

Warranty Conditions

All products presented in the offer are under warranty. Bespoke Wooden Windows as a trading name of Fabrimast Ltd also provides post warranty service to meet our customers’ needs and fully satisfied experience.

Full version of Warranty Agreement

§1 1. Presented conditions applies to timber products manufactured by Bespoke Wooden Windows as a trading name of Fabrimast Ltd – Registered Office: Unit 1a1 Gaunson House, Markfield Road, London N15 4QQ – Company Registration Number 12455011
2. Specific list of products under warranty is defined each time between both sides in the sales quote.
3. By signing the sale quote contract purchaser automatically agree with this Warranty Conditions.
§2 1. Bespoke Wooden Windows* – named as Fabrimast Ltd grants the buyer warranty for products manufactured according to standards established and implemented in Fabrimast Ltd company.
2. Warranty agreement authorise customer to request fixing faults causing malfunction as well as material faults found in construction, hardware, coating, glazing – leakage or dirt inside glazing unit except §3 p. 1,2 and 4.
3. Warranty period begins from the date the product is delivered.
4. Fabrimast Ltd grants the warranty period:
4.1 For specific windows elements:
– Alu-clad window construction- 5 years*- subject to extension of warranty – (§11)
– Timber window construction- 5 years*- subject to extension of warranty – (§11)
– Air-tight in glazing unit- 5 years
– Hardware- supplier warranty, depend on fittings supplied. If fixing supplied by Fabrimast Ltd – 1year
– Coating- 4 years
4.2 For other elements:
– Front door – 2 years
– Interior doors- 12 months
– Patio doors 2 years
– Window sills 2 years
– Garage doors- 2 years
– Other not listed 1 year
4.3 For accessories installed in products:
– locks, cylinders, handles, escutcheons 1 year
NOTICE! – Specific elements (like frame and sash) painted with azure colours may have slightly different tints. It is natural wood feature and it is not cover by warranty.
NOTICE! – Glass warranty covers only airtightness.
NOTICE! – After rainfall on timber carpentry painted with acrylic colours may come brighter (discolouration of
covering) – Please leave it till it dries, and cover will get back to original condition.
§3 1. Warranty do not cover:
a. Mechanic damages; painted coats, cracks and scratches on glazing unit,
b. Damages caused by the use of chemical agents or adhesive tapes,
c. Damages made due to random incidents,
d. Differences in tints on painted covers caused by natural grains figure and wood discolour,
e. Visible wood structure caused by natural grain figure,
f. Natural changes in wood colour under painted covers caused by sun exposure,
g. Normal exploitation wear out and small defects not causing difficulties in usage,
h. Faults made due to wrong exploitation as well as exploitation in incorrect conditions inside the
house – relative humidity under 40% or over 70%,
i. Attributes due to conifer tree usage like resin leakage in soft wood
j. Surface dirt caused by normal exploitation,
k. Product damages caused by the incorrect usage of hardware features,
2. Warranty do not cover up the products:
a. Fitted against “Fitting Instruction” by the contractor not authorised by Fensa scheme.
b. On those which customers obtained discount due to fixed faults,
c. Which occurs some discolours, damages, depreciation of elements and subgroups caused the wood
swollen due to humidity overdoes in the house – over 70% – making any soak works (i.e. plasters,
screed, concrete works) after installing carpentry with not enough ventilation and unventilated room during exploitation.
3. Warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend customer rights dictated by product discordant with agreement.
4. Customer rights dictated by warranty are not valid in case if payment is not settled by appointed date.
§4 1. Overuse of warranty rights such as unjustified call Fabrimast Ltd. Workers, cause obligation to cover all costs including travel expenses as well as daily wage by customer.
§5 1. Warranty covers faults during the period stated in “Warranty agreement” – from the day the product is fully installed.
§6 1. Customer notify of complaint to Fabrimast Ltd in written form.
2. In 14 days from notification day Fabrimast Ltd or authorized representative provide customer answer regarding to repair in written form.
3. Fabrimast Ltd or authorised representative may demand additional information about notified damage.
4. Reply to complaint notification will be in “Complaint Minutes” and it will include:
a. Object and range of notified faults,
b. Finding of examination
c. Fabrimast Ltd status of accepting or rejecting complaint,
d. Range and deadline of faults removing,
e. Additional findings and agreements of both sides if any arise.
5. During examination the faults may be removed if it is possible from technical point of view.
6. Each time customer will provide Fabrimast Ltd or his authorised representative access to faulty product in purpose of examination and removing the faults.
7. If customer preclude access to faulty product on appointed date, it will be taken as waiver of complaint.
§7 All materials used to manufacture and install the windows are included in the quotation.
1. Faults will be removed up to 31 days from the day complaint is noticed.
2. Detailed procedure and date of faults removing will be determine between both sides.
§8 1. Any changes made on “Warranty agreement” without the notice of other party may cause the document not valid.
2. Agreed changes to the Warranty detail exchanged by electronic mail will be proof of changes made and agreed.
§9 1. Any repairs or changes made by unauthorised person during warranty period make this document not valid.
Fabrimast Ltd shall remove all protective packaging and stickers prior to final installation by their professional team. Customers installing the windows themselves are obliged to take off protective packaging and stickers from the product at least 30 days from the day the product is delivered.
§10 All warranty repairs will be written in “Customer warranty form”.
§11 Warranty cover period can be extended upon a warranty survey not later than 6 months before the end of warranty period.
1. Warranty cover extension period – 2 years
2. Cost of survey – 1.5% of the total order value plus VAT.

Attachment nr 1 for Warranty Conditions

1. Fabrimast Ltd use compound glazing, special glazing and single glazing only from the best manufacturers. Because of newest technology compound glazing can protect from heat loss, overheat, protect from noise as well as burglars.
Compound Glass in our products have warranty of 5 years, warranty covers only air-tightness.
2. Customer is obliged to check the quality of the window and fitting upon completion of the installation process and sign off to customer’s satisfaction. Thereafter only the airtightness of the glazing unit and the operational fulfilment of the window shall be under warranty.
3. Some physical features of glass and glazing unit construction are not classified as faults and are not covered by warranty, like:
a. Glass cracks if cause by owner or accidents
b. Condensation of water steam outside glazing compound,
c. Interference symptoms,
d. Glass concave and convex,
e. Tint deflection,
f. “Astragal bars bending”,
g. Glass humidification due to moisture
h. Glazing compound from ornament glass made on customer request with pattern pane inside unit.
a. Faulty marks smaller than 0,5 mm are not covered,
b. Faults 0,5 – 1,0 mm cannot be gathered, minimum four faults in distance from 200 mm from each other,
c. Scratches up to 75 mm long if their local density does not make visible fault.
During examination we take only faults visible from distance of 60 cm on black matt background in natural light condition with scattered daylight (e.g. clouded sky) without direct lighting from opposite side (e.g. light from sunbeams) natural angle of view.
5. Compound glass is manufactured accordingly with the norm:
Air permeability: BS EN 1026:2000
Water tightness: BS EN 1027:2000
Wind resistance: BS EN 12211:2000
Weather testing: BS EN 6375 Part 1:2009

I agree to the Terms and Conditions of this offer and would like to confirm my acceptance.

I also confirm that I carefully reviewed this quotation, and confirm that the quantities, details, and specifications contained within the quote are correct and based on my requirements.

I would like to proceed with this order.

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