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Steps before replacing the windows

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If you’ve decided to replace your windows, there are a number of decisions you need to address before purchasing replacements.

It is also important to check whether you require any specific planning permission. If your property is listed or in a conservation area you may be restricted. Work can be carried out and planning permission may be required to carry out any work.

Choosing the right material

It is important to consider what material you would like your new windows to be manufactured from.

uPVC is often the cheapest option in the short term and require little maintenance. However, they can reduce the value of period homes.  Also cannot be repaired easily and often requiring replacement. Properties that are listed and homes in some conservation areas are not allowed to install cheap uPVC.

Metal windows are also low maintenance and popular on contemporary style homes, they are good thermally efficient as wooden windows with options double or triple glazed.

Timber windows often suit period homes and have a number of benefits. That includes the ability to repair and maintain the window, rather than having to replace it. This means that they can save you money over the long-term.

If you choose to install timber windows you will also need to decide on the type of wood you wish to use.


When deciding what style of glass you would like the window to have, you need to consider where the window is going to be located.

If the window is located in a bathroom you may wish to have privacy or patterned glass.

Consider whether you want double glazing or single glazing in your replacement windows. If you live in a listed property or conservation area be sure to check if double glazing is allowed first.

However, modern glazing today is advanced enough to manufacture single glazed windows thermally efficient as much as double glazed ones.


There are a wide variety of styles of windows to choose from. The most common windows are sliding sash windows, which slide up and down, and casement windows, which open outwards. However, there are also various different types of sash and casement windows, including fixed windows and bay windows.

The number of glazing panes can also vary between different windows, depending on the period of the property.

Choosing the right supplier

When choosing which company to use to carry out the work, ensure that they understand your requirements. If they can design a window to meet your needs including all the details. As well as the material they going to be made from. Replacement windows can be an expensive purchase, so it is important to get it right first time.

It is also important to check that they are registered with FENSA or a similar body. It is a legal requirement that complete new windows installed since April 2002 must comply with Building Regulations.

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