There is growth in timber

Growth in carbon neutral timber

timberOver the years, we, as a window industry has witnessed many changes, one of which being the world in which we live in. As the media stories gain momentum we are becoming more and more aware of the impact our choices have. This has led to a change in consumer trends, with interest favoring environmentally conscious brands.

According to findings by communications agency WE, the appetite for sustainable products is growing. Consumers will now pay more for products that have environmental and social credentials. Based on a study of 2000 UK consumers, the results showed that UK consumers would pay on average 10% more for a product if they think it would have a positive impact on the environment.

This consumer interest has seen a deep focus on sustainable materials.  Consequently naturally growing timber is a material to provide this. The sustainable benefits of timber are clear; a material is grown from nature and entirely renewable.

Timber windows and doors are carbon neutral.

As a result, this change in consumer buying trends is something that we have witnessed in seeing a growth of just over 13% in sales over the past year. In particular, sales of our Traditional Flush Casement, French Doors along with Traditional Sliding Sash windows have seen the most growth and have advanced to become key selling products. Today, with this sales momentum set to continue we are looking to grow and are offering installers looking to expand an opportunity to grow alongside them.

We are well aware of the emphasis on sustainable home improvement products.

BWW began looking for new ranges that would add to our product portfolio and accelerate the company’s growth. We are positioned in an affluent area and assessed that demand for a sustainable timber product would be strong. Following in-depth meetings with BWW that covered design, quality, delivery and installer support. We decided to focus on timber windows and doors. Five years on, we have seen significant growth in overall sales and timber window and door products, in particular.

The huge choice of designs, consistent high quality, clarity of the quotation document, and speed of response. All are the reasons why we are now a long standing and returning customer.”

BWW aims to breathe new life into the industry perspectives on timber by providing quick and easy online quotation service.

Making a conscious choice to supply wooden windows and doors made from nothing but FSC® 100% certified timber. BWW believes this is the only way to ensure that our products help in the fight against deforestation. Taking this one step further, we are also donating £1 for every window and door purchased to the ‘Buy an Acre’ scheme from World Land Trust.