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Wooden windows buying guide


How to buy windows online

1. Find your style

Browse our categories and styles to find the windows that suits your requirements. We manufacture over 50 styles of wooden windows.

2. Use the form

Use the measurement form to calculate the price of your windows. Once the checkout complete the proforma invoice will be emailed to you.

3. Documentation setup

Once we have your measurement we will prepare product specification for your acceptance. Once signed, we will start the manufacturing process.

4. Wait up to 4 weeks

Usually, it takes 3 to 4 weeks for your new windows to be delivered. We can also arrange fitting on your request.

To help you identify the range of timber windows we have pulled together a useful checklist, highlighting the main areas you need to consider.


Timber windows are a great choice, no matter what type of property you own. Thanks to advances in modern preservative treatments, they are now renowned for being beautiful and long lasting.

From a classic townhouse, to a character cottage or contemporary new build, we offer a variety of materials to meet your requirements:

  • Softwood: This is the most common wood type used in joinery and is available across our entire range. We are so confident in the quality of our softwood windows that they come with a 40 year guarantee to rot and fungal attack.
  • Oak: These popular wooden windows are bang on trend. They can be coordinated with other joinery products, such as doors and stairs.


The type of window you choose will often depend on the style of home you are building. As well as the fittings you are replacing on a refurbishment.

Traditional properties are generally complemented by windows with bar details such as our Victorian or cottage bar styles. We offer various designs for our casement and sliding sash ranges, including horizontal bars, cottage, Regency, Victorian and all bar.

Properties in a conservation area will probably need replacement windows similar in design to those being removed. This is required to meet council planning requirements and ensure the locality retains its attractive appearance.


We offer double and triple glazing across our timber window ranges to suit your thermal performance requirements.

Our energy rated windows can be supplied with different levels of insulation to meet the varying U Values demanded of new build projects and refurbishments. The lower the U Value, the less heat is being lost, as it demonstrates the air flow is being controlled and prevented from escaping the house.

High performance windows are available in casement or sliding sash styles and can be fitted with tinted glazing to trap solar energy inside the home, which is an excellent way to generate extra warmth in winter. However, this may produce a ‘greenhouse effect’ in the summer months.

The U Value you need to achieve on your project will be determined by Approved Document L of the Building Regulations, which relates to the conservation of fuel and power.


It is important to consider how your windows will be used, as opening mechanisms can differ significantly. Our Sliding Sash styles can be tilted, making cleaning easier.


Our windows are supplied with a suite of standard hardware to match the style and color finish you have chosen. However, you can upgrade your window furniture to meet specific performance or aesthetic requirements.

  • Hinges: These vary depending on the window. Some ranges give you a chance to change the standard butt hinge to a projecting hinge, which are great for cleaning in those hard to reach areas, such as above conservatory roofs.
  • Ventilators: Standard ventilators are built into all of our ranges. You can also specify different colours and extra vents as necessary.
  • Locking: We offer multi point locking on all our windows as standard. This two or three point system (depending on window height) is fitted to the opening section and locks into keeps within the frame for extra security.


Glazing is normally decided by the aesthetic and thermal performance you require, but there are other factors to take into account.

If you live in an industrial area or near an airport, acoustic glass can be fitted to minimize the noise. For added privacy, you could choose an attractively patterned obscure glass.


Protect your home with Secured by Design option on our windows, available in most of our ranges.

The scheme is owned and licensed by the Association of Chief Police Officers and provides enhance security features, giving you peace of mind and greater reassurance that your windows can withstand the most determined burglar.

Almost all our windows are available with a Secured by Design specification, which includes enhanced locking systems and optional laminated glass.


Choosing the right finish will not only protect your windows from the elements, but also keep maintenance to a minimum.

Your new windows can be supplied in micro porous Hi Build paint finishes in white and pastel colors that are guaranteed for up to 10-years, so you don’t need to do anything but keep them clean!

Unfinished windows must be primed before they are exposed to the weather and finished within three months. All base coat stained joinery needs a further coat no longer than a month after installation.

Think carefully before opting to paint your windows in black or other dark colors, as the sun can shorten the life of these finishes.

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